Anti Torsion Machine

JASMINDER ENGINEERING WORKS is the technological leader in manufacturing of Anti Torsion for Wire and Cable Industry. The machines are used for RDSO, Railway Cables, Control Cables, Wire Rope Industry and HT Cables.

These machines are manufactured in various bobbin sizes (400/500/630)

Main Features

Self supporting rigid rotor design with 1+6+12+18+24+30 Bobbin Cage
High efficiency and speed
Bobbins mounted on Heavy Duty hardened Pintles
Line drive by A.C. motors with electronic or mechanical synchronization between line components
Different braking device for bobbins
Centralized lubricating system for bearing
Pneumatic brake for Cage
MMI /PLC Equipped, (optional)
Back Twist by Sun & Planetary gears system
Easy changeover to rigid
Inline Concentric/Tangential Taping Heads
Capstan Unit- Double Capston and Grooved
Range of Take-ups and Pay-offs Available
Model Wire Dia Bobbin Size Driven Motors (HP)
JEW/AL/19 1-4.77mm 400/500/630 30
JEW/CL/1+3/1400 1-4.77mm 400/500/630 40
JEW/CL/1+3/1600 1-4.77mm 400/500/630 50
JEW/CL/1+3/1800 1-4.77mm 400/500/630 100
JEW/CL/1+4/1250 1-4.77mm 400/500/630 150

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