Skip Stranding Machine

Your most Reliable Investment when looking for high productive equipment, the bow skip strander is a good choice. Bobbin hold on bearing Pintle for smooth running & diameter compensating Mechanical Device keeps constant tension all the process within the entire adjustable tension range. It improves process speed keeping the elongation of wire under control.

High Speed Skip Stranding Machines for Copper, Aluminum and Core Stranding/ Laying. This Strander is used for making 7 Strands or Multi Core Cables.

Main Features

Dynamically Balanced Rotors
High Speed Bearings at both ends of the Rotors
Each Rotor driven through Timing Belts through Common Line shaft
Line drive by A.C. with electronic or mechanical synchronization between line components
Disk type Pneumatic brake for Rotor designed for high speed stopping
MMI /PLC Equipped (optional)
Easy Lay Setting
Ergonomically designed Operator Control Station
Range of Take-ups and Pay-offs available
Size 630 800 1000 1250 1600
Formation 1+1 1+2 1+3 1+4 1+6
Bobbin Holding On Pintle On Pintle On Pintle On Pintle On Pintle
RPM 900 800 550 450 300
Dia of Core 1.5 to 5mm 2 to 8mm 3 to 10mm 5 to 18mm 10 to 25mm

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