Core Laying Machine

Core Laying Machine

The Core Laying Machine is used for cabling the multi core (3, 3 & ½, 4), PVC Cables, XLPE Cables in round or Sector Shaped for LT and HT Cables.

Ariel Bunched Cables can be laid in (1+4) Bobbin Configuration.

Core Laying Machine - Main Features

Machine may strand the round cables with back twist and sector cables without back twist
Line drive by A.C. Motors with electronic or mechanical synchronization between line components
Facilitated with motorized sector correction
With or without back twist arrangement (Sun and Planetary arrangement)
Main Shaft is supported with Roller bearing for easy maintenance
Special Gear Boxes for main Drive
Heavy duty Pneumatic Drum brake for main cage
Filler bobbin Provision for 6 to 9 Bobbins
MMI and PLC Equipped (optional)
Heavy duty Haul off Caterpillar Unit
Inline Tangential or Concentric Taping Heads
Model Rotor Speed (RPM) Driven Motors (HP)
JEW/CL/1+3/1250 60 40
JEW/CL/1+3/1400 45 50
JEW/CL/1+3/1600 30 100
JEW/CL/1+3/1800 20 150
JEW/CL/1+4/1250 50 40

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